Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Been a while since I posted - end of season

Well, I laid up the Monongahela Monitor in Mark's Marine Repair and our 2009 season of litter cleanups and lovely days out on the river are over -- until next spring. We had some wonderful times out there and I believe we had an impact. The Dominion Post did a front-page story on the litter effort, and I was recently awarded the Monongahela County Solid Waste Authority's "Citizen" award. Both of these were really nice recognition, and truly appreciated.

The publicity is great, but what we need is a few sponsors. I want to extend the cleanups above Hildebrand and Opeskiska Locks, where it has been reported that the litter is pretty bad. Can't do it without extending the program and bringing in some support. So, that's my mission this winter.

By the way, I was talking to Jimmy, coach of the WVU Women's Rowing Team a couple weeks ago, and he still has his crew out on the river. He said he is planning to having them row right into December. It's always nice to see them out on the Mon.


  1. Is Mark's Marine repair open?

  2. Yes. He's in there. Closed Sunday and only half day on Saturday, I believe.
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