Thursday, June 3, 2010

Met a guy last night

Yesterday evening I took a couple friends out for a kayak trip, even though it was very warm. I like to take folks under the fountain down by the Ruby Park to cool off, and this worked well. Plus, we stuck to the west bank in the shade.

But what I wanted to mention is Larry. He was fishing off the Wharf District docks. He said he likes to fish down there in the night, as the minnows are attracted by the lights on the dock and, thus, the bigger fish such as smallmouth bass.

Larry has the history of the United States tattooed on his left arm. Signing of the Declaration; Washington crossing the Delaware; Mount Rushmore; wars, and Arlington National Cemetery.

He's got Johnny Cash, Archy Bunker and some family members on his other arm.

I enjoyed talking to him and wished I'd had a camera. It was a very nice moment along the Monongahela River. Perhaps I'll see him again. I want to write a book about the people I see down there.

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