Friday, March 9, 2012

Burma shave against litter!

Hey, if you are driving on Rt. 705 this weekend going toward the Mileground (Rt. 119) you'll see some Burma Shave signs. Remember them? We'll you couldn't unless you are in your 60s. These were signs put out in sequence along the roads in the 1920s-50s to sell a product.

On Friday evening, 3-9, we are putting these signs out along Rt. 705 (the Orchard Bypass) to draw attention to the litter out there.
Then on Sunday morning, 3-11, we'll be picking it up!

So, if you are out that way, honk if you see us and give our volunteers a thumbs up!

The Mon River Revival organized this with support from IMPACT Earth and volunteers from WVU's Alpha Lambda Delta, Dr. Hunter's political science capstone class, the Community Medicine Student Association and the Sierra Club.

Oh, what will our signs say? you ask.
Litter So Bad
Makes Us All Sad
Let's Clean It Up
And Then Be Glad

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