Thursday, June 7, 2012

No wake zone sign is up!

Here it is, the no wake zone!  As we were painting this Wednesday evening a rower went by and shouted, "I love it!"

There are people who are going to complain about this 3/4 mile part of a 127-mile-long river, but, in my opinion, we may have saved that young lady, or another, or a swimmer or kayaker, from death or serious injury by getting this designation through. I've seen a lot of close calls down there on the river. So, let's cool it a little in this area folks.  Thanks.

It is state law.  Title 58, Series 27, 3.1.6.  Just in time for the Arts Alive festival this weekend.

Thanks to Chris Wilson and Biao Qiu (on left) for the help. Also thanks to Mark Wise at BOPARC.

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