Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eat at the Fondue Factory in Morgantown on June 12

Have supper at the Fondue Factory Wednesday evening June 12 and help the Mon River Revival's efforts to clean litter from the river. 

The Fondue Factory is contributing 15% of every check that evening to help this effort, which began in 2006 to remove litter from the river, educate the public about the issue, and improve it for everyone.

We could certainly use the help.  Since the City of Morgantown cut funding because of fiscal issues a couple years ago, I've been paying out of my own pocket for expenses.   There's no money to expand the program; so Capt. Tim and his crew is concentrating river cleanups on just the Morgantown area. 

It's always been a dream to work the entire river, but that would be costly.  So, we're doing what we can.  And this Fondue Factory benefit will really be a big help for this year's expenses.  Plus the food is great!


  1. This is just a suggestion,if your planning on cleaning up debris and trash that builds up behind the gates at the locks you'd better start Opekiska Lock and work your way down river because you have the same thing there as you do at the Morgantown Lock,Just Say'n.

  2. Patrick, I have a petition to get that very thing going. I know exactly what you are saying! See http://onthemonongahelariver.blogspot.com/2013/04/petition-to-corps-of-engineers.html

  3. @Tim,I would sign the petition if it wasn't linked to Facebook.

  4. I understand. By the way, Patrick, take a look at this one, if you haven't already. http://onthemonongahelariver.blogspot.com/2012/01/whats-up-at-opekiska-dam.html

    I am hoping to do something next summer up that way. I'm planning to start at Fairmont and work my way to Pittsburgh cleaning all summer long. If I do, I'd like to be in contact with folks like you up there who could hook me up with volunteers and with groups I could give "talks" to about the litter situation, etc. I'm assuming you are up that way. So you might want to be involved.

  5. Actually I'm from the Morgantown area and have been fishing up and down the Mon River for years,I just know where most of the trash and debris builds up at on the river.


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