Monday, August 17, 2009

I don't know if you can see this, but it's a guy sleeping on his bass boat. He ran a line up over a low-hanging limb, flattened himself out on the deck and went off to dreamland.

It was pretty warm this past weekend, but there was a little breeze across the water, and things were quiet down at the river. There were some big fluffy white clouds, and I tried this guy's maneuver, too, for a while after a cool swim.

I was looking up into the clouds, which were pretty high, and I saw a lone dot moving across the white background. It was a bird, soaring so high up that it was just a speck, unnoticed, except by someone laying on his back looking at the sky. I don't know why, but the bird immediately made me think of a kayaker way out at sea. Alone and pretty much non-existent except to himself.

If you can do it, I highly recommend this posture. First get somewhere that's quiet, where a breeze comes up every so often. Drop anchor or tie off in a shady spot out of the channel. Lie on your back and look up at the clouds and think what they look like as they change shape.

Sweet dreams!

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