Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend on the river

I guess it was Friday that I saw the Aliquippa come up with loads of sand. Consol owns her too. So I'm catching up on this posting. This is beginning to seem a little bit like the shipping news for Morgantown, mile 102.

On Saturday, we went early to the Farmers Market, which is quite an event in Morgantown. The parking lot was full at 8:25 a.m., and the market was thronged with people -- and plenty of produce, now that the harvest season is well under way.

But we didn't spend much time there. We were on a mission.
The big deal this weekend was our river cleanup.
Maureen and I had talked some weeks ago to the lockman at Morgantown, and he showed us where a lot of litter had gone up behind the upper land wall at the lock and dam, and we determined to come back and get that some day.

Well, Saturday was the day. There's about 10 feet of water behind the wall, so we were able to take the Monitor in there and get right up to the litter.

Maureen jumped into the task immediately - literally - going right in among the floating jetsom and really suprising me with her enthusiasm.

She's really gotten to be as fanatic as I am about this effort. We just like to see how nice the river looks after we're done in a spot.

We've speculated on how long that litter would have been stuck behind the lock wall. I suppose it would have floated out and back behind the dam evenually. We've begun to think that perhaps we are having an effect.

And believe it or not, we are really having a good time. This is a wife and husband activity that gives us a feeling of togetherness - that's the best I can describe it - that we both feel and appreciate.

We weren't out too long before our deck was pretty full and we retuned to the marina.

Maureen and I want to do the whole river, Fairmont to Pittsburgh, starting next summer. We've discussed this and understand that it would be quite an undertaking. We're trying to decide just how to go about it. It would probably take all summer and part of the fall. At right, Maureen enters our "catch" into the Monitor's log book back at the marina. The lock and dam can be seen upriver in the background.

We had the pleasure of seeing a fellow launch his rowing scull. He, like a lot of others, thanked us for doing the litter cleanups.

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