Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last weekend cleanup

We had our first "casual" cleanup on the Mon last weekend. I say casual because the first time out this year we had the big debris release. I understand from the Solid Waste Authority that our crew (including BOPARC and the women's rowing team coaches) pulled more than 1,000 pounds of litter out of the river and about 20 tires on June 15.

This was last weekend, with Jim Geiger and his sons. I think everyone enjoyed the trip, but Jim got a little muddy. Jim, hope you didn't get in trouble. We picked up some litter, but perhaps more importantly, we introduced a couple young people to the Monongahela River and working for a clean environment. That's the goal.

Peggy Pings of the National Park Service went too, and took these photos. Click for larger versions.

Top: Jim, his boys, and me.

Below: Josh learning to steer the boat. He did a real good job. Whenever I take kids out, I always give them a chance to steer. They love it. I would have, when I was a kid.

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  1. Awesome!!!! Good job guys!!!!! Grandma is proud of what you did!!!!


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