Monday, April 16, 2012

Have potato chips, no boat

I received a big box on my front porch Friday. It was a surprise: a huge box of individual Boulder Canyon chips. The company is sponsoring the American Rivers cleanup campaign and I guess they send chips to all the participants.

So, I've got chips, but had to cancel our cleanup on Saturday because my boat isn't quite ready to launch.  So, I'll save the chips for our next attempt.  I believe that will be the last weekend in April, which is still pretty early for our summer cleanups. 

Here's what the chip folks have to say:
Boulder Canyon is a proud sponsor of American Rivers and the National River Cleanup because we share the same vision and dedication to a better, more natural environment.   We help communicate that message with the American Rivers logo prominently displayed on our bags. Boulder Canyon also donates cases of chips, volunteer t-shirts, and trash bags to all river cleanups. Last year we donated over 70,000 trash bags used by volunteers to remove debris from rivers across the country. This year American Rivers will host approximately 500 cleanups thanks to 60,000 volunteers who help communities keep their rivers clean and trash-free.
Thanks to American Rivers and Boulder Canyon!   I also received a box of trash bags from American Rivers.So, we are all set for our outing in May.  I did have a chance to reconnoiter the river on Saturday in my kayak.  There's a lot of litter for us to clean up and I can't wait to get started.  This was rather early to be out, as the water is still pretty cold.  So, May will be better anyway.

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